Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Too Big Expectations

I listened to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on an audiotape on two car journeys. It was great having it there to listen to, because it can get boring in the car if you have nothing to do. It was read by Anton Lesser and he did a very good job with all the different voices.

The story was about a boy who brings pie and food to a convict who has escaped from a prison ship. Pip, the main character, gets a mysterious inheritence and he doesn't know who it's from.

He thinks it's from Miss Havisham, however he is not sure. While he is at Miss Havisham's he meets a mysterious girl named Estella. He falls in love her, however Miss Havisham got heartbroken because of a boy so Miss Havisham wanted to take her revenge on men by breaking Pip's heart. Poor Pip falls for her trap because Estella is very cold-hearted.

I thought it was good but it could have had a bit more storyline, the bits that it did have were very very good. It was a bit complicated but we paused it a little bit to help me understand it. The moral of the story was what comes around goes around.

My favourite bit was when Pip ran to the convict and gave him the food.

I give Great Expectations four stars out of five because I think it could have had a more exciting story.


  1. Love love love this book, adore Dickens, don't care how unfashionable. Now you must see the David Lean movie, Judah; I think you'll love it! It's very spooky, actually, and has some wonderful actors. Big screen would be best; if you're really keen you can arrange private screenings at the Phoenix, but something tells me your friends would rather see a blockbuster! Ah well: DVD then.

  2. Hi.I've just nominated you for two blogging awards, though I see that you already have one of them, and the other may not be something you are interested in. Oh, well:-)

    Anyway, this is a great blog, and though I don't comment often, I have read it all. Keep up the good work. Follow the link at the bottom if you want to find out more about those awards.

    Very best wishes