Friday, 9 October 2009

When will they die?

Are they dead,yes,no yes,no? Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is exciting and really clever. I loved it.

The story's about a man who dies and then his niece and the man's friend fight using magic. Skullduggery Pleasant is no ordinary man. He is two things - a magician and dead - a skeleton! They search for something that is thought to be not real, but is actually real and evntually they beat the villain. This book is very adventurous, with fighting in it and a bit of crime. It is nerve-wracking because you always think someone's going to die.

It is perfect for the Potter crowd. People who like Harry Potter would like this book. There are a couple of bits that make you think that something tragic has happened when actually there's a way out of it. That is why it's so very clever.

Like the Roman Mysteries, my star rating is five out of five. People of 9 plus should read this book.


  1. Love the review man. Newsnight Review should give you a call :-) Keep up the good work - you don't know me but I'm now a loyal follower.

  2. Skulduggery is tops! Good taste young man!